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Did you know in some communities there are FINES for having a rusting, fluid leaking, bucket of bolts sitting on your property hurting the environment? Did you also know that there are tow companies that actually CHARGE you to remove your vehicle?

Junk Car Removal

Don't get fined, don't pay to get your junk car removed and don't get scammed. Call us today and get an INSTANT OFFER and schedule FREE JUNK CAR REMOVAL today! Junk car removal is as easy as ONE call to 1-888-416-2220!

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you can get FREE junk car removal AND we'll even pay you the scrap value price of your car!

Why should you sell your car to 1-800-Cash-For-Junk-Cars?

No Hassle

We are committed to being America’s fastest, easiest way to get cash for a junk or unwanted car. Selling a car has never been easier! Just give us a call, and we will make you a cash offer for your junk car, truck, van or SUV!

We Pick It Up

We are a free cash for junk cars nationwide service that will connect you to our national network of local, courteous, licensed representatives. We will come to you, tow away your car, van, SUV or truck, and pay you cash on the spot!

Any Condition

What if your car is NOT a junk car? WE WANT IT TOO! We pay TOP DOLLAR for cars and trucks in running condition as well as ones that are wrecked, damaged or otherwise inoperable.

Any Car

Is your car in need of repairs that will cost more than the car is worth? A blown engine or failed transmission doesn't mean your car is worthless. Let us get that wrecked vehicle out of your hair, and convert it into cash for you!

Sell Your Junk Car Today!

We Come To You With Cash

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1-800-CASH-FOR-JUNK-CARS?

1-800-CASH-FOR-JUNK-CARS is a FREE service that actually PAYS you for your junk car. There are many other services out there, but most offer you nothing for your vehicle other than a free tow. Some even want to charge you for you taking away your junk car. We will always pay you as much as possible.

How much will you pay me for my junk car?

Our state of the art computer system scans our database of vehicle values to determine the most we can pay for any car, truck, van or SUV. This price quote is based on many factors including the condition of your vehicle, the year, make, model, and mileage. We also look at the daily value of scrap metal prices. Because of our system, we can pay more than most junk car buyers.

Do you buy other types of cars other than junk?

Of course! We buy all cars! Running or not. No matter the condition or make or model. Call us NOW to get an INSTANT OFFER! 1-888-416-2220.

When do I get paid?

Unlike other services that pick your car up first, then send you payment weeks later, WE PAY ON THE SPOT! Your friendly driver will have your payment at the time of the pick up.

When will you come to pick up my junk car?

We try to schedule the pick up at your convenience. In SOME cases, we can pick up the same day you call us. (typically it's next business day)

Do you need the title to the vehicle?

YES! We need to verify ownership of the vehicle so we can process the paperwork at no cost to you. We can only pay the person who owns the vehicle and the name on the title is the ONLY way to know who the owner is.

What about donating my car?

Did you know that most donation companies only give you a receipt for $500 and you can only deduct the % of your tax bracket. (so if you pay 15% in taxes, you can only deduct $75!) and the donation company usually keeps 50-90% of the sale amount and the charity gets the rest. If you want to give the MOST to your favorite charity, sell your junk car for cash and donate the entire proceeds to the get a 100% tax deduction!)

  • Top Dollar Paid!
  • ANY Car, Van, SUV or Truck!
  • FREE Pick-up and Tow!
  • We Do All The Paperwork!
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees!
  • Professional Licensed Representatives
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